Gingham Crib Quilt

Monday, December 3, 2018

A few months ago we bought some new things for my son's room. His crib and dresser are light wood and his crib sheet is mint green with a white blanket. I loved everything together, but I needed to add a bit more color. I loved the idea of adding navy and a mustard or orange color.

I found the perfect grey, blue, and navy fabric at Super Buzzy in Ventura. 

I calculated how much fabric I had and how big I could make the quilt. If I did 4 inch squares (5" including the seam allowance), I could make a 45"x55" quilt, roughly the size of a crib quilt. 
I had just enough of each color to make this happen. I had a half yard of the grey and navy fabrics and one yard of the blue. Here is the gingham pattern all laid out:

Fabric all cut!
Once I had the gingham pattern sewn together, I started my search for the perfect fabric for the backing. 

I found the most perfect fabric at Joann. I fell in love with it right away. Its a white cotton with navy, blue, and mustard X's. The pattern is so simple and delicate, just what I had hoped for. It also made the decision easy for me: the binding had to be mustard!

My little helper!
The most time consuming part was stitching the straight lines on each side of each seam. It took a long time, but it was worth it. No other quilting technique would have don't this quilt justice. 

I found the matching shade of mustard quilting cotton from Quilty Pleasures

The "X" fabric perfectly matches the mustard binding and the blues. 
All finished! Just in time for the weather to get a little chilly! 
The best thing about quilts is that they get softer and softer with each wash. I've loved to watch my son grow attached to his new quilt. Every once in a while, he will drag it around the house with him after he wakes up from a nap and it makes my heart melt. 

Persephone Pants

Monday, August 27, 2018

My favorite (and most worn) make of the summer has been my Persephone Pants. I've worn them multiple times a week since I finished them.

I was debating between a few different patterns for a while. I wanted to make some cropped high waisted wide leg pants and I knew I wanted them in a cream/natural denim. 

I decided on the Persephone Pants by Anna Allen Clothing because they are so similar to the coveted Kamm Sailor pants:

There are a lot of details about the Persephone Pants that I loved, such as the hidden button placket, the practically invisible front pockets, and no side seams.

The instructions were very easy to follow and it all came together very smoothly. I was lucky, in that I didn't need to make any fit adjustments to the waist or hips. 

Right after I finished them!
So happy with the buttons I used from my button stash
A few weeks after making the pants, I had the idea to check and see if I had enough fabric to make the shorts version. I did! I was able to whip up some Persephone Shorts with the leftover fabric. 

My handmade swimsuit and my handmade shorts

I went to the LA fabric district and found the perfect denim in a few different stores. My deciding factor was the price. I was able to get enough fabric for pants and shorts (3 or 4 yards, I can't remember) for $12. The cost of the pattern was $14, so total, I made a $13 pair of pants and a $13 pair of shorts. Not bad at all!
I get asked frequently if it is cost effective to make my own clothes. This is an example of how it can be very cost effective. I am lucky to be close to a major fabric district and, the more I sew, the more my skills develop! 

Avocado Pit Dye

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I recently scored a pretty white shower curtain from a thrift store. I have saved some avocado pits recently and I knew I wanted to dip dye the shower curtain! I fell in love with dip dying last year when I transformed some dish towels and burp cloths.


I referenced this blog post as I was researching the best way to dye with avocado pits. 
First, I submerged the pits in water in my largest pot (I wish I had a bigger one) and brought it to a boil. 

I then let it simmer for an hour. The pink color became apparent rather quickly and got darker and darker as it simmered. Then I let the dye sit overnight. 

Ready to go! Notice the dark pink color of the water
In the morning, I scooped the pits out of the water and brought the water back to a boil. I then got the bottom portion of the shower curtain (the portion I wanted to dye) wet. I then turned off the heat on the dye bath, submerged the wetted portion, and secured the rest of the curtain out of the way. 

I frequently moved the curtain around so that it would stay submerged. 
I left it soaking for about two hours.

I wish I had left it soaking longer! I think my dye bath had the potential to produce a beautiful, dark color because I had so many pits. 
I will definitely be doing this again! Just need a bigger pot... Such a cool experiment. I would also love to dye with yellow onion skins and tea. 

The Classic Tee

Monday, June 25, 2018

I had the chance to test a new pattern by Love Notions and had a blast!
I've always wanted to test a new pattern because I am a pattern maker and I know the process and I've always wanted to be part of the process in fine tuning a new pattern. 

This Classic Tee Pattern is the perfect basic tee pattern. It has three sleeve length options (short, 3/4 length, and long) and three neckline options (crew, scoop, or v-neck). I chose to do a short sleeve scoop neck version. I am going to make the v-neck version next!

The bodice is a relaxed fit that works perfectly with this cream rayon/spandex blend fabric I chose from Joann Fabrics. I've never used rayon/spandex fabric before, but I loved it! It is so soft and a little more heavy than other knits and I love the way it drapes. 

This top was so easy and fast to put together and only requires a yard of fabric!

I chose not to lengthen the pattern even though I should have. I prefer shorter shirts, so I love the length of this!

Wore it fabric shopping at Michael Levine in Los Angeles!

Asymmetrical Rayon Skirt

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

When I came across this pattern:
McCall's Pattern 7725
I fell in love! I needed it, and I had the perfect fabric for it. 
I used a black floral rayon fabric from Joann Fabrics. The drape is so beautiful and it gives the skirt the perfect sophistication I was hoping to achieve. 

DRAMATIC asymmetrical hem
Another one of my Me Made May makes. 
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to hem this skirt, even though it is a curved hem.
I also really loved the side closure. I used an invisible zipper and a button.

Button because
a.) I love sewing them on with my sewing machine and
b.) didn't have skirt hooks and eyes. 
One of my goals recently has been to become more efficient with making a project, specifically with following a pattern. I've gotten so used to making my own patterns, that I sometimes struggle with store-bought patterns. I want to get better at reading and following patterns.

I've had many chances to wear this skirt over the last month:

Wore it to the beach over Memorial Day weekend!
Wore it casually running errands
Dressed it up and wore it to church!
I claim this about most things I've made recently, but this might be my favorite item I've ever made! 
My mom has also requested I make her one, and I think this skirt in a pink rayon would be so cute! 

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