Asymmetrical Rayon Skirt

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

When I came across this pattern:
McCall's Pattern 7725
I fell in love! I needed it, and I had the perfect fabric for it. 
I used a black floral rayon fabric from Joann Fabrics. The drape is so beautiful and it gives the skirt the perfect sophistication I was hoping to achieve. 

DRAMATIC asymmetrical hem
Another one of my Me Made May makes. 
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to hem this skirt, even though it is a curved hem.
I also really loved the side closure. I used an invisible zipper and a button.

Button because
a.) I love sewing them on with my sewing machine and
b.) didn't have skirt hooks and eyes. 
One of my goals recently has been to become more efficient with making a project, specifically with following a pattern. I've gotten so used to making my own patterns, that I sometimes struggle with store-bought patterns. I want to get better at reading and following patterns.

I've had many chances to wear this skirt over the last month:

Wore it to the beach over Memorial Day weekend!
Wore it casually running errands
Dressed it up and wore it to church!
I claim this about most things I've made recently, but this might be my favorite item I've ever made! 
My mom has also requested I make her one, and I think this skirt in a pink rayon would be so cute! 

The Cutest Romper and Bonnet

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I have spent an embarrassing amount of time perusing the Cricut Design Space library of sewing projects. There are so many to choose from! They have things like stuffed animals, baby clothes, doll clothes, all sorts of bags, quilts, and even pet accessories.

I decided on a romper and bonnet (two separate projects) to make an adorable matching set.
Romper project found here
Bonnet project here
Images Source
Once I selected my project, I connected my Cricut Maker to my computer and clicked the "Make It" button.
I was then walked through all the preparatory steps. First, I inserted the washable fabric pen and the rotary blade into the adaptive tool system. 
Then, I place my fabric of choice (a mystery cotton/polyester fabric) onto the FabricGrip mat. To make this easy, I cut my fabric into 12x24 pieces so they fit perfectly on the mat. 
Feeding the mat into the machine is done with just the press of a button. 

Sewing Kit Ready for business!

I've selected my project! Now I am getting everything ready for cutting. Behind my computer screen you can see the fabric pen and rotary blade inserted in the adaptive tool system.

Once I fed the first mat into the Cricut Maker, it makes all of the marks and cuts and prompted me when to release the mat. It is then ready for the second mat, so I just repeated these steps five times and I had all the pieces for a bonnet and romper marked and cut and ready to go!

Bonnet pattern pieces and interfacing
Romper pattern pieces and elastic references
Each project gives you an estimated amount of time and difficulty level. The bonnet was easy and the romper was intermediate. Each took 1-2 hours.
The step by step instructions give detailed directions and drawings to show each part of the assembly process. They are easy to follow, especially with all of the marking made by the machine.

Bonnet finished! 
The front of the romper with back/side elastic in
and top stitching complete
The facing on the inside front piece of the
romper. Such a clean way to finish seams -
and comfortable for the baby!

Both the bonnet and romper called for a few feet of double fold bias tape. It was used as elastic casing and to finish off a raw seam. This was really easy to make. With my manual rotary cutter, I cut long strips of fabric 1.25" wide on the bias. I then pressed the double fold and had perfect, matching bias tape for my project.

Almost done! just needs the crotch seam sewn, elastic in each leg, and closures!
Elastic casing sewn in
The last part of the assembly is the closures. The instructions call for velcro, but I chose to use buttons and button holes instead!
I recently learned how to sew buttons on with my machine, so I love sewing them on as often as I can. Plus, I think the yellow buttons add a special something to the romper.

When I am cutting a project by hand, I always forget to transfer pattern markings, which slows me down and requires me to refer back to the pattern multiple times. With the Cricut Maker, I don't even have to think about it anymore. The washable fabric pen came out with a little bit of water once it was all finished. Plus, the pattern pieces were perfectly cut, so sewing everything together was easy and resulted in the most perfect little outfit.

I am so in love with this romper and bonnet set! This might be my go-to baby shower gift from now on. This particular one, however, is going in my "too-cute-to-give-away" box!

The Cricut Maker Machine

Friday, June 15, 2018

My love for creating certainly doesn't end with clothing. I also love home decor DIY projects. 
When I was introduced to the Cricut Maker, I was blown away by how versatile it is! Not only does it make so many paper and vinyl projects, it has applications to make everything from quilts to leather clutches. It even cuts balsa wood! It's amazing all the things this machine can do. It is the perfect "toy" for a creator, and, along with my sewing machine, I can make virtually anything!
The Cricut Makers has an adaptive tool system, which means you can switch out the type of blade and/or marker depending on what materials a project calls for. 

Isn't it beautiful!? I have mine pictured with the essential tool set and the sewing kit
The first material I worked with on my Cricut Maker was paper. In the Design Space, I was able to personalize a card stock flag banner for my son's 1st birthday party and I was so happy with how it turned out!

The essential tool set has all the tools needed for paper projects. The machine also has compartment that fit all of these tools perfectly.

My Cricut Maker with the essential tool set

In the Design Space, there are hundreds of projects to choose from. You even have the option to add your own images to create your own project. 
One project from the library immediately caught my eye: the leather tassel keychain!

When you select a project, the Design Space gives you step by step instructions on how to load your materials into the machine, what mat to put your materials on, and what blade to use. This project calls for the 12x12 strong grip cutting mat and the deep cut blade.
Once the project is cut (so fun to watch!), it then gives you steps on how to assemble the cut project. The tassel keychain only needed a key ring and a hot glue gun.

It now hangs proudly on my diaper bag! 
The library of sewing projects includes patterns from Simplicity and Riley Blake. It makes sewing patterns super simple because it cuts and marks the fabric for you. The sewing kit has all the essentials for sewing projects. 

My Cricut Maker with my sewing kit
I was nervous to use this machine when it first arrived. I was a bit intimidated. However, as soon as I started to explore, I learned how user-friendly the Cricut Maker and Design Space are. 
The Cricut Maker comes with all the basic tools to get started. it even comes with the materials needed for your first project.

I have so many plans for my Cricut Maker. A few projects I can't wait to get started on are vinyl canister labels for my pantry, a leather clutch, greeting cards, a stuffed dog, and all the baby clothes!

Dropped Shoulder with Ruffle

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I've been wanting to attempt a self-drafted dropped shoulder pattern for a while. I loved this top and wanted to do something similar by incorporating a ruffle.  
The pattern came together pretty easily and I was confident I would be happy with the outcome. 

To get the perfect ruffle, I cut a strip that was half the width of the under sleeve, and 1.5 times the length. When I'm creating something with ruffles, I always choose to use a 1:1.5 ratio. It is the perfect fullness in my opinion. 

At the cents of style wall with my sister-in-law and our kids!
Fit test!
Close up of the ruffle and double-needle hem
I used a double needle for all of the hems and I was so happy with the outcome! It gives such a clean, professional finish.
I love this top because it is a simple, casual tee with a fun, unique detail that makes it a very versatile top. I'm such a sucker for sleeve details. 

Dressed down!
Dressed up!

Me Made May 2018

Monday, June 4, 2018

I survived my first Me Made May! 
I thought it would be a breeze because 99% of what I make is for myself. 
I quickly realized, however, that I only had about 15 items that would work. Some of my me-made items only work in the fall and winter due to material or color. I was much more limited than I thought, so first thing I did the night before May 1st was make a new top. 

Here are the photos I got each day of my me-made items, from the 1st to the 31st: 

I had a lot of repeats, and five of the items were made during the month of May. 
My goal for the month was to wear one me-made item each day.
Im really glad I followed through with it because it pushed me to get creative some days and it motivated me to make more.
I've come away from this experience with a new goal (one I've never considered before): I want to have a 100% handmade wardrobe someday soon.

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