Clayton Clothing

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My brother Lane is a very talented seamster (male form of seamstress? Maybe correct?). In his free time, he makes ties for himself, stuffed animals for his nephews, and beautiful custom pieces for friends. He is also an entrepreneur and is always coming up with business ideas and putting them to the test. 
He and his good friend started a business called Clayton Clothing. They sell handmade, stylish ties and have managed to keep very busy doing so. They even do custom orders for wedding parties.
I know from experience that ties are not easy to make. The pattern, cut, and assembly have to be perfect to get a symmetrical and straight tie.
I'm really proud of them and very impressed with all of their hard work.

Jesse sporting his handmade Clayton Clothing tie on Easter Sunday

My Creative Outlet

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sewing is my creative outlet.
I see it as a challenge. I think its a great skill to be able to make something out of nothing!
I'm reminded of this short video released by the LDS Church. I think everyone needs a creative outlet, be it writing, sewing, cooking, or playing a musical instrument. All we have to do is use the talents we have been blessed with. 

One woman that inspires me is Alexia. She has handmade nearly 100% of her twin daughters' wardrobe and she also makes beautiful pieces for herself. Her little girls are undoubtedly the best dressed kids on the playground.

Another woman who is so talented is Merrick of Merrick's Art. She shares pictures of clothing she makes and includes a simple tutorial on how to make it yourself. Her pieces are so stylish and simple.

I've noticed a lot of other seamstresses I know are using the Month of May as an excuse to make more and showcase it. Me Made May. I'm hoping that my recent motivation (since being NOT PREGNANT) will result in lots of finished projects.

A few things on my list:

  • French terry shorts for Peter (they will be so stinking cute)
  • Forrest green knit tie-front top
  • Ultra long circle skirt
  • Sleeper for my niece (due any time!)
  • Tie for Jesse

Nursing Friendly with Bell Sleeves

Friday, April 28, 2017

I'm not pregnant anymore!!
I loved being pregnant, but I am definitely relieved to fit into clothes again. 
I hardly made anything at all while I was pregnant, but now I have so many ideas of things I can't wait to make for myself!

There is a crucial functionality element when there is a newborn in tow: it has to be nursing friendly. And since my baby is a big eater (at two months old he eats 6 ounces every two hours!), nursing is very frequent and I need it to be easy and convenient. 
I sketched a dress with bell sleeves months ago. I imagined it with a seam detail down center front and across the bodice above the bust. The other night I was looking through my sketchbook for some inspiration and I knew I could work with that center front seam to create something nursing friendly! I am also really excited about the bell sleeves. They are so pretty and feminine. 

Inspiration for the sketch
The sketch.
I raised the deep v-neck and I ended up doing a circle-skirt peplum instead of a ruffled sleeve. 

I got to work making a pattern. I used my same old slopers, crossing my fingers that my body shape hasn't changed too drastically... 
I consider this a rather simple dress. However, it probably took me about 2 hours to finish the pattern and make it exactly what I wanted. Pattern making is so challenging, but thats why I love it so much!

Once the pattern was finished, I dug through my bin of fabric hoping I had enough for a dress. I love being able to use what I have instead of buying new fabric. We live in such a small apartment and it feels so refreshing to use what I already have. I only have one big box of fabric, and I reminded my husband that, considering how much I like to sew, my fabric collection could be a lot worse!

I found in my collection a cream rayon crepe fabric that drapes so beautifully. After laying out the pattern pieces as best I could, it BARELY all fit on the fabric. It must have been two yards or so! But it worked. I also had just enough ivory silk fabric from my wedding dress materials to use for the lining.

So I got to work! I serged all the edges and assembled the pieces and.... it looked like a graduation gown. The silhouette, the neckline, the seam lines, and the fabric choice all screamed graduation gown! It was awful.

I have a hard time leaving projects unfinished (especially when it is something I'm making for myself), so I went to buy some cream lace trim. I found two different trims that I loved so I got both!

Fun story from my trip to Joann Fabric for trim: while I was there, I heard a woman's voice that sounded so distinct and familiar to me. I peaked around the next aisle and it was none other than the actress Dot Jones! I'd recognize her voice anywhere. At one point, I think she may have even whispered "Oh, how cute!" as she passed sleeping Peter in his stroller. It was the highlight of our day!

Close up details of the two types of trim

The finished product!

The center front has an invisible zipper that is flanked on both sides by lace trim. I Also placed trim at the elbow seam, sleeve edge, neckline, and front and back bodice seams. 

I finished the dress just in time to wear it to church. It was my first time back to church since Peter was born, so it was kind of a big deal. The stark white was risky, but we didn't have any blowouts! Success! 

Baby Peter!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Baby Peter was born on March 6th and we cannot believe how in love we are!
He is big and very long (no surprise, I am 6'0" and my husband is 6'6")!
He has the sweetest face and the sweetest voice and we are so lucky he is ours.

From out newborn photoshoot with Rachel Marie Photography

For his coming home outfit, I brought a cute blue and white striped sleeper and a navy beanie I made. Sadly, the beanie was too small for him! 
So he has yet to wear something made by me. I can't wait to make him some cute clothes. He is two weeks old and has officially outgrown his newborn clothes. On to 0-3 month sizes! 

Braided Pacifier Clips

Friday, January 6, 2017

On my most recent trip into LA with my sisters in law, we got a few suspender clips and lots of leather trim to make these braided pacifier clips. The leather trim was extremely cheap ($1 for 5 yards) but the suspender clips ($0.50 each) are cheaper online. 

One of my sisters has a five month old baby and another is expecting a baby a few months after me, so it has been so fun to craft and plan with them! Those three cousins will grow up to be best buds!
We each made a few pacifier clips together on Christmas. 

The two colors that I got were teal and tan. 

The end result!

I have a lot of leftover trim and have plans to buy some more suspender clips online. I think this is a super easy and cute gift I can give to other friends who are in the baby-making phase of life. 

Unforgiving Corduroy

Thursday, January 5, 2017

I love being pregnant and couldn't be more thrilled to become a mom soon, but I am also excited to have a waist again!

So here I am reminiscing about projects past. 
This is a skirt I made three years ago. 
This corduroy fabric I found at DI and its a gorgeous bright blue/green color.

As part of an assignment one semester, I had to create a clothing line, complete with sketches, fabric swatches, inspiration, and a title. The idea for this skirt stemmed from one of my sketches. 

My storyboard. I had imagined a line that was simple, yet beautiful that would effortlessly make any woman the best-dressed one in the room. 
The issue with the fabric is that it has ZERO stretch. 
I used my sloper pattern to create a simple pencil skirt pattern with darts at the waist. Sadly, it may not fit me well post-pregnancy. The fabric has no stretch. 
Hopefully I will be able to adjust the darts and side seams if needed to get a little more use out of this pretty skirt. 

Forrest Green Moccasins!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My first attempt at making moccasins turned out surprisingly perfect. 
In comparison, my second pair was a bit of a disappointment! 

I was so excited about the dark green color and pieces of leather I found were softer. Turns out, the soft leather is a little harder to work with because it isn't as easily manipulated under the foot of my sewing machine. It proved to be pretty difficult when I was sewing the fringe pieces to the heel and the toe pieces. 

Pieces cut out!

Overall, they still look cute. Plus, they turned out a bit smaller than the other pair, so my baby will have two different sizes to wear!

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